19—21 NovemberBrisbane

Complex Orebodies

Complex Orebodies Conference 2018

About the conference


The Complex Orebodies conference aims to attract a wide range of contributors willing to share their experiences and insights into this crucial issue.

Corporate leaders, operators, service providers, financial institutions and researchers are invited to contribute case studies, perspectives on important issues, and unique solutions to the variety of challenges across the entire range of development activities.

Contributions are sought from all global jurisdictions, across the entire spectrum of disciplines. Insights will be gained from case studies of existing complex orebodies; analysis of the future technical, social, political and environmental landscape as it affects mining; and from contributions detailing innovative extraction approaches with potential to revolutionise mineral supply.

Organising committee


Conference Chair

Prof Rick Valenta FAusIMM — WH Bryan Mining & Geology Research Centre

Committee Members

Ian Sheppard MAusIMM — Aeris Resources
Professor Deanna Kemp — University of Queensland
Associate Professor Glen Corder FAusIMM(CP) — University of Queensland
Professor Alice Clark FAusIMM(CP) — University of Queensland
Professor Allan Trench FAusIMM — University of Western Australia

Event Management

Eliza Sanneman —Team Leader, Senior Coordinator, Events
Mia Wotherspoon —Coordinator, Publishing

Conference themes


  • Current complex orebodies – technical, political, social and environmental challenges and solutions
  • Meeting future challenges, standards and expectations – the changing landscape of acceptable practice


  • Transformative technologies to open up new extractive possibilities
  • Defining and understanding complexity as it applies to the entire mining life cycle
  • Trends and challenges of future metal supply

Call for abstracts

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