About the conference

Unlocking the future mineral supply needed for many of the world’s most important commodities is a critical problem affecting our industry.

AusIMM’s Complex Orebodies conference will provide delegates with a clear understanding of the nature of complexities facing future orebodies, address complexity across the mining value chain and share practical solutions you can apply to your operation.

40 leading global experts will share case studies across a broad range of commodities, addressing the challenges facing future mineral supply from technical, social, environmental and business standpoints.

Complex Ore Bodies – integrating knowledge for developing mines of the future

The backdrop to this conference is the recognition that the greatest future challenge for the mining industry is that world demand for raw materials is projected to continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Future supply of raw materials will come from a combination of new mine discoveries and recycling. There is mounting evidence that recycling alone cannot hope to replace the future expected demand for metals. To meet future demand much of the supply must be met by the mining of increasingly difficult deposits.
“Complex Ore Bodies” are those deposits that are challenged by the interactions between technical, environmental; community and state, marketing and economic circumstances. In the case of as yet unmined deposits these factors interact so that mining these ore bodies emerge as very complex proposals that are hard to finance. Hence they remain un-mined. As policy evolves to keep up to increasing societal demands new rules create complexity for existing mines, threatening their survival if they cannot adjust to the new environment.
As researchers, policy makers, mining companies, equipment suppliers and the governments and communities rise to these challenges it is becoming increasingly clear that “Complex Orebodies” are the deposits that without solutions to these dynamic and interconnected issues may never be mined.
“Current Complex Ore Bodies” are existing mining operations for which the goal posts are changing. In some cases, they are becoming uneconomic due to depth or grade. In others, the environmental impact or societal disruption is such that their continued extraction is untenable. Unless solutions are found, these mines face closure.

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