Mark Noppe Speaker Interview

Orebody Complexity and Project Reporting

12 September 2018

Mark Noppe, Director of SRK (Australasia) Pty Ltd and Keynote Speaker at the conference, explains how important the discussion is around complex orebodies for the mining industry. Read on to see what he has to say:

1. How important is the discussion around complex orebodies for the mining industry?

For a number of years now, many have recognised that there are no “easy deposits or projects” left to readily discover and exploit. This may be for a number of reasons, such as geographic location, cover depth, grade, structural complexity, mining complexity, metallurgical and processing challenges, environmental considerations etc. Regardless of the reason, for me it places the deposits or projects in the “Complex Orebodies” category.

2. What will your keynote presentation cover?

My talk considers how to appropriately communicate the confidence in the deposit characteristics, and mineral resource & ore reserve estimates to internal and external stakeholders as orebodies and projects become more complex. As a geologist and more specifically with a mining and resource definition background, my talk will cover some of the challenges to economic extraction presented by geology, grade or mineralisation. I will present some examples of where such apparent challenges have been overcome, and one or two where effective solutions are still needed, together with the challenge of reporting such challenges to all stakeholders.

3. What approaches or technology are you looking forward to hearing about at the conference?

I am expecting the speakers will cover a whole range of challenges that make orebodies complex, including some I have not even thought of. I am keen to learn about actual and potential ways to overcome these challenges from the wide range of professionals at the conference. I expect some of the solutions may result from thinking differently about the same problem, and others from rapidly developing and deploying technologies ranging from data analysis to mining extraction, processing recovery, and environmental solutions. All of these applications are of interest to me.

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